All Scotland Success

Congratulations to our dancers who traveled to Glasgow last week to compete in the prestigious All Scotland Championships. Many thanks to the organizers for providing such a successful event. In an amazingly high standard of competition, McGL dancers managed to secure two championship titles:

  • Gavina Zuccharello, U17 Girls’ Champion

    Congratulations to all!

  • Niall Forrest, U21 Men’s Champion

We had numerous top ten finishes:

  • Liam Costello, 3rd, U14 Boys (Scoil Rince Creer)
  • Liam Forrest, 5th, U21 Men
  • Ellie-Kate McCarthy, 6th, U10 Girls
  • Ellie Arthurs, 7th, U18 Ladies
  • Gabrielle Nurse, 10th, Senior Ladies

Two other top twenty finishes:

  • Ellena Nsajja, 14th, U17 Girls
  • Ciarra McCarthy, 20th, U8 Girls

And a seven more recalling dancers:

  • Erin Rothwell, U11 Girls
  • Freya , U11 Girls
  • Mary Conway, U12 Girls
  • Catherine James, U12 Girls
  • Betty McAdden, U13 Girls
  • Katie Cuddy, U14 Girls
  • Molly O’Neill, Senior Ladies
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