Christmas Class Feis 2016

We love the Christmas Class Feis anyway, but this year we had great fun. We saw remarkable talent, great friendship (with a competitive edge) and we hope that every dancer enjoyed getting up on stage for their moment to show off what they have learnt this year. There were some priceless reactions to winning trophies, medals and presents from Santa in the awards ceremonies. Here are some photos!


Oireachtas Results

Now that we have had time to recover, we have our final results together from the SER Oireachtas (below). Plus here are a few highlights in pictures:


We had 6 Oireachtas champions:

Gavina Zuccarello u17
Liam Forrest u20
Ashton Canty u10
Ellie Kate McCarthy u10
Ellie Arthurs u18
Ava Folan u7

Lily Taylor u20

Ciarra McCarthy u8
Callum Schroeyers u8
Jacob Browne u9
Liam Howe u14
Beth McGillicuddy u14

Christopher Gaine u8
Erin Rothwell u11
Mary Conway u12
Lucie Peters u6

Maddison Humphreys u10
Jodie Upton u20
Molly O’Neill SL

Oireachtas trophy champions

Drew Shannahan u10
Hannah McKay u13
Mary Owens SL

Congratulations to our 26 qualifiers in total! What an achievement.

Freya McMahon u11
Louise Sanders u11
Catherine James u12
Louise Fitzpatrick u12
Betty McAdden u13
Eden Hartzell u13
Megan Horsley u14
Alice Craig u16
Kelly McGillicuddy u17
Niall Forrest u20
Lauren Cooke SL
Gabby Nurse SL

Thank you to all our remaining dancers for dancing your absolute best and making us so proud of you.

*Daria Hudson* Lola Barker* Charlie Dench* Jayda Nsajja* Niamh Gillen* Ursula McAdden* Lainey O’Sullivan* Ella Turton* Leah Macdonald* Hannah Canty* Mabel Williams* Hannah Mathieson* Amaia D’Souza* Annie Clarke* Katie Cuddy* Georgia Schroeyers* Emilie Stewart* Blaise Fellows* Niamh Ayres* Mollie Harris* Rowan Fellows* Emma Freeman* Sarah Cuddy* Mary Owens* Lindsey Forrow*

A huge well done also to our two dancers who competed in the Midlands Oireachtas:

*Freddie Jones * Nicole Jones*

It’s Oireachtas Season… Good Luck!

We want to say a huge good luck to dancers all over the world competing at their regional Oireachtas this winter. These are the main qualifying events for the World Championships next spring. Whether you are going for experience, aiming to secure a qualifying place, or aiming to be crowned regional champion, don’t forget to enjoy performing.

A special good luck to all of our McGL minions competing THIS WEEKEND! We know you will support each other whatever the results. Be fearless and aim for the stars! Even if you don’t quite reach your aim this time, you know your friends, family and teachers will be there for you.

#teammcgl #blackandyellow


Two Times All Ireland Champion!

It is one thing to win a major title once, but to retain it for a second year running is a different ball game! How amazing that our Gavina has done just that, becoming two times All Ireland Champion! Here is the moment in pictures:


Gavina’s amazing moment! Shared with teachers Siobhan and Frances, John Whitehurst (U17 boys champ) and Dara O’Shea (a former winner of the prestigious trophy)

Liam Costello, All Ireland Champion!

We want to say a heartfelt congratulations to our Aussie brother Liam, who has just WON the All Ireland Championship. Liam learned to dance and trains with Scoil Rince Creer, in his hometown in Sydney, NSW, Australia. However, his training does not stop when he is over on our side of the globe for major championships. He gets stuck straight into classes with us in the build up, practicing every day. No time for jet-lag! His amazing commitment and sacrifice has now paid off. We hope you enjoy a well-earned few days rest now, Liam!


Congratulations Liam!

McGL Open Feis 2017 updates

We have already started work towards arrangements for our next open feis in 2017. First and foremost, we have secured the date:  25th & 26th March 2017. This is one week before the start of the World championships and a great opportunity to get some last minute feis practice in. We want to make you aware of some great deals on flights to London airports available for the feis weekend from Ryanair and Easyjet. Please keep an eye on our open feis page – we will post details here as they become available, however you can use the information already on there as a guide.

Fun at the GBs!

The Great Britain Championships is a truly unique event, and always shows what we think is one of the nicest things about Irish dancing: the lasting friendships that you make along the way. We were so proud of the amount of support that all our dancers gave each other, and of course the fun that was had by all. Here are a few photos that sum this up:


Supporting our friends


Relaxing and enjoying!


Letting our hair down!

Good Luck at the Great Britain Championships

We want to say a huge good luck to our dancers competing at the Great Britain Championships next week.


Everyone has worked incredibly hard over the summer and the last year in order to prepare for the major events coming up this autumn.


Focus, relax, enjoy performing, and your training will take care of the rest!


Have a fab time everyone!